I have a special board on my Pinterest page for things that inspire sewing ideas.  It’s different from my page of “patterns I want to buy/sew one day”.  On this special page I link up pictures of clothes/outfits that have some sort of design element that I love.  Does it have a cool sleeve?  Do I like the overall shape? Did they do something unique to the neckline?  Then I use those pictures as inspiration to design something of my own!

Would you like to see an example??!?!?  I like the moto pant trend that’s been going around for a while now, but it wasn’t until I saw these men’s moto sweats that I fell in love with the idea of making some moto sweats of my own:

I came across these on Pinterest one day.  Don't be distracted by the abs, it was the pants I was looking at!


So, now I knew I wanted to make some moto sweatpants, but I would be making them for my daughter.  These joggers from Abercrombie got pinned to my board as the general shape I wanted to go for.  Somewhat relaxed, but fitted through the lower leg, and ending just at the ankle (I wanted to avoid too much “slouch”).

I also kind of like the wider set tucks on these motos.


The last bit of inspiration for my pants actually came while watching a tv show.  One of the characters had on leggings with a bit of a geometric paneling effect.  I really liked the idea of using some straight lines and angles to piece together the pants, figuring it would work well with the straight tuck lines.

What I'm imagining….


So I cracked open my Adobe Illustrator program and got working.  It took a few muslins, but I eventually went from this:


To this:

I haven't sized to the proper length yet….but the width is looking good on the pink-cuffed leg!


To this!


I love how these turned out, and since I drafted them from scratch I’ve reserved the right to “name” them!  In standing with my “Basic Elements” theme, I’m dubbing these The Titanium Joggers!!!  I leave you with some more pictures of the “Titaniums” in action.  ps – these are from a photoshoot I did of the Piper Top from The Simple Life Pattern Co.  You can expect to hear more about them in the future on this blog, since I do pattern testing for them and just all around love their stuff!  (The ladies that own/run the company are pretty great too!)

3 thoughts on “From this to that.

  1. Sarah J says:

    So impressed with your drafting skills! I have a quick question about the top… I just bought the Piper for my daughter’s Easter dress (yes, I know I only have a few days, LOL). Did you use the low back or the modest back for the top in your pics? Thanks!

    1. Trish says:

      Thanks! Nothing like last minute, high pressure sewing, lol. Good for you! This is the modest back version.

      1. Sarah J says:

        Thanks so much for you quick reply (clearly I don’t have much time to spare, lol). Now to find the tape…

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