It's week #3 for the Project Run & Play sew along, and oh boy am I excited for this one!  The theme this week is "Astronomical Proportions", sewing inspired by outer space.  I'm about to totally geek out here; because sci-fi shows/movies are probably my absolute, most favourite genre.  (Now, that doesn't mean I love all things sci-fi; but when I come across a good one, I can pretty much guarantee it will be my first choice from the PVR!)  Endless worlds, science that's (largely) just theoretical to us, cutting-edge technology, space "pirates", space "cowboys", space "lawmen", aliens, androids, light speed, cool weapons, other dimensions, a whole playground of possibilities!  (Oh boy.  I need a minute to regain my composure….)

This image of the cast of "Killjoys" (from the website) is a perfect example of the kind of look I wanted to go for with this weeks outfit!

When I think of the type of outfits found on sci-fi shows, I think of a few things:  pleating, piecing, angles and leather.  And so I set out to incorporate them all.

This week I decided to make an outfit for one of my boys.  It was an interesting change because I most often sew for the girls (I have to be honest, their clothes are just generally more fun!).  However, this is probably one of a handful of times I was really (really, really) excited to make a "boy" outfit.

I started with a zip-up sweater pattern that I've been working on drafting.  (I call it the "Carbon Sweater".)  It includes an angled zip, welt pockets, a high collar, and arm/shoulder details (which I changed up a bit in this version….because, why not!).  I used leather details where I could (trying not to 'overdo' it).

For the pants, I started with a basic slim cut pant block, similar to the one I used when making these joggers.  Only, this time I wanted to make the pants out of a woven fabric.  I think in the end I did 3 different muslins before I felt confident enough to start work with my nice fabric! (I REALLY dislike having to make muslins!)

Once I had a shape I liked, I marked it with various lines for piecing and pockets – then transferred those to my final pattern pieces.

Muslin #2, planning the pieces
Muslin #3, testing the pieces

My final pants had even more details.  Small pleats at the knees, all sorts of pockets (based loosely off of my son's favourite jeans), a zipper fly, and the best part: a strap for his "space gun" which snaps closed when not in use.

And here's the whole look together in all it's sci-fi geeky goodness:

Now, off to take some action pictures.  I hope you have a good imagination.  I was trying to imagine our setting as an off-planet star base (while, obviously, still having to take the pictures "on-planet", lol!)   ps – what's the proper etiquette when I'm about to completely bombard you with too many pictures?  Warning?  Well, consider this it!

Oh boy – that was fun!  Well, for me anyway; but I really hope you liked it too!!!!  Head on over to Project Run & Play (starting Tuesday!) to vote for your favourite competitors look.  There are only 4 of them left, and as always, I'm so curious to see what they've made!   There's also a new twist this week: you can vote for your favourite sew-along look!  Voting for this starts Sat. March 31, and goes until Sunday, April 1st at 8:00 pm EST.  I really hope you'll consider voting for me!!!

2 thoughts on “Flying High with Sci-Fi

  1. Cassy Gobin says:

    Girl!!! You are absolutely killing it!!! I’m so impressed. I already told Sherri I’m glad you aren’t competing this season. I’m pretty sure you’d be taking the entire thing!!

    1. Trish says:

      Ha! I don’t know about that, but I’ll take the encouraging words! It’s a pretty intimidating crew you guys form. I’ve loved all of your looks so far – that chiffon draping, that super cool shirt, the back of your dress this week; some of my favourite makes!

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