Art Gallery Fabric anyone?  This stuff is amazing!

  I want to use this, my first blog post, to talk a bit about how I got started with sewing and what inspires me.  I have a limited past exposure to sewing.  My mom dabbled a bit as I was growing up.  What I remember most are the quilt and a skating dress she made me; which now that i think about it are fairly involved projects!  I took a year of Home Ec. in junior high, with the obligatory sewing unit (I think we made fleece mittens).  And I vaguely remember hand stitching “clothes” together for my sister’s Barbies.  (I’m not sure this last one counts….as the clothes were little more than a square of fabric with slits in necessary places and an awkwardly placed stitch or two.  They were bad; really bad!)  But the love of creating was being kindled and fanned.
How cool is this!  (No, it's not mine.)  This picture was taken during our visit to the Anne of Green Gables House/Museum on Prince Edward Island this past summer.

  Years later I attempted to make a baby quilt for our soon-to-be second child.  One sweet lady from our church saw my attempt at quilting and took pity.  (Imagine a cardboard square/template, a pencil, a pair of hand scissors and a hand sewing needle).  She taught me about a few tools of the trade and even let me borrow her sewing machine.  

  It would be a few years more, when our oldest daughter was very young, before I really got going.  I actually can’t remember the specifics about how I took the jump from baby blankets to kids clothes, but I can pretty much guarantee it had something to do with my friend Sherri. So, did you catch it?  I’ve already mentioned 2 of my biggest inspirations for sewing.  My daughter(s) are a big one, as I’ll bet almost anyone who sews children’s clothes will agree with.  There’s something about a cute/edgy/unique/girly pattern that just gets me excited.  I love the thrill of creating; of seeing a flat piece of material turn into a beautiful dress (or whatever).  But the delight on my girls face when she sees and loves what I’ve made her, well – that melts my heart.  And if some pink fabric somehow finds its way into my creation, it’s a pretty good bet that my older daughter will be happy.  I am blessed to have daughters!   (As I read that, it occurs to me that I really should clarify that I count myself blessed to have sons too!  They inspire and delight me as well, in so many other ways.  But if I’m being honest – when it comes to sewing, it’s usually the girly stuff that draws me in!)  
And this is usually how photoshoots go.  The older sister poses well and tries to be helpful.  The two year old does whatever she feels like.

  On to my second source of inspiration: Sherri!  I’ve joked to her in the past that being her friend makes me famous-adjacent, because in my mind she’s a superstar!  (You both can, and should, check out her blog here).  Have you ever had ‘that’ friend who you’re pretty sure is just better at everything? I’ve sometimes struggled with this, but I’ve realized a few things over the years.  First off, being grateful for what you’re given/who you are is way better than being resentful or jealous over the things you’re not.  Second, you are always going to be better at being YOU than at being someone else.  All this leaves me free to simply be inspired!  Sherri is an amazing seamstress, with a lot of good knowledge about sewing.  Years ago, when our girls were still very small, we started sewing clothes for them.  Sherri’s always inspired me to try new, more difficult, and more professional techniques in my sewing (usually with the helpful knowledge of HOW to do those things!)  She’s also always looking forward, and finding ways to expand on her abilities.  It’s opened my eyes to keep growing, and challenging myself in new areas of sewing as well!  And, the icing on the cake?  She lives just down the street, making it super easy to drop by for opinions/thread/help/sewing days/cheesecake (she makes really good cheesecake!).  Sherri, if you’re reading this now – I could really go for some cheesecake……(hint, hint?)!  
Famous-Adjacent?  Sherri-Adjacent??  LOL – either way, here we are!

  The final thing I wanted to talk about was the inspiration for my blog name, because it makes me kind of giggly in a nerdy way.  Do you “sew”/”design”/etc. as you fall asleep at night?  I know I can’t be the only one. Lately I’ve been trying to learn how to draft my own patterns.  I love the idea of seeing something I like (a sleeve here, a pleat there, a design element like “that”), and rather than searching out a pattern, having the option to simply make it for my kids myself.  I also love how pattern companies these days often name their patterns in “themes” (ie – girls names, city names, etc.).  So one night, as I was drifting off to sleep, I thought to myself “what has enough different names that it could work for a pattern collection”?  Flower names?  (Meh.)  And then, like lightning, it struck!  The periodic table of elements!!!!!!  
Ain't she a beaut!

  (And as I sit here in giddy glee, I can only imagine the sound of crickets chirping on the other side of many of your screens, lol!)  A decade ago my passion lay in science, chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, etc.  And while that career may be long gone (and much of the knowledge forgotten), there’s a part of me that will always be a science nerd at heart! Anyway, I decided that if I ever designed garments of my own I would name them after the basic elements.  And thus, BaSiC Elements was sparked!   Ps – do you like the breakdown of the word “basic”??? Ba = Barium, Si = Silicon, and C = Carbon (my husband pointed that out – how perfect, right!?!?!?!!!)  
Once upon a time I homeschooled my oldest boys.  As proof of my love for chemistry, guess what we made in science class one day….. (ps – it's twice as exciting because they're also cookies!  Mmmmmm……periodic cookies…..).