Signature Style

It's here!  The final week of the Project Run & Play sew along, and this one's all about "Signature Style".  So I had to ask myself: do I have a signature style?  (I'm pretty sure I heard crickets chirp as I contemplated it.)

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Flying High with Sci-Fi

It's week #3 for the Project Run & Play sew along, and oh boy am I excited for this one!  The theme this week is "Astronomical Proportions", sewing inspired by outer space.  I'm about to totally geek out here; because sci-fi shows/movies are probably my absolute, most favourite genre.  (Now, that doesn't mean I love all things sci-fi; but when I come across a good one, I can pretty much guarantee it will be my first choice from the PVR!)  Endless worlds, science that's (largely) just theoretical to us, cutting-edge technology, space "pirates", space "cowboys", space "lawmen", aliens, androids, light speed, cool weapons, other dimensions, a whole playground of possibilities!  (Oh boy.  I need a minute to regain my composure….)

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The Dress, the Coat and the Inspiration.

It’s week #2 over at Project Run & Play, and the theme this time around is “Crafting a Story”.  We were asked to ‘weave elements of our favourite children’s storybook’ into our designs.  My mind whirled for a few minutes – but in the end, it should have been obvious to me.  The books I read over, and over, and over again as a child were The Chronicles of Narnia, by C.S. Lewis.

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What a Wonderous World!

Project Run & Play Season 15 starts this week, and I’ve taken on the challenge of doing the sew along!  Make sure to check out what the actual contestants have sewn up (starting Tuesday), and don’t forget to vote for your favourite!  Week #1 has the theme “7 Wonders of the World”.

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