Simple Life Pattern Co. – what can I say!?!?!  The thing that first drew me to this company, a few years ago, was the unique details they added to their garments.  A cool back, some pretty pleating, another cool back (they have some really cool ‘back’ features!)   So when I was accepted into their pool of testers last spring, it was pretty exciting for me!

This month a call went out for swimsuit testers.  I took a quick look outside at our beach, and jumped at the opportunity!

Just a balmy late April day in northern Manitoba!

The Harbor Swimsuit is a simple one piece, with the option to add ruffles to the straps and leg openings.  I chose to make this suit for my (almost) 3 year old.  She’s still in what I would consider the ‘little and cute’ stage, and so I opted for ALL the ruffles!

One little ‘tip’ I would add, if you’re planning to use your serger with swim fabric (or any slippery fabric, really), is to tack the seam down with a quick stitch on your sewing machine first.  This helps prevent one layer from feeding through the serger quicker than the other and resulting in uneven seam ends.  No, it’s not necessary – but it was worth the few extra seconds!

ps – these Wonder Clips are also amazing for working with swim fabric!  They hold everything together, without making holes like pins would.

With a few adjustments I could also see this working well as a 2 piece suit (for easier bathroom breaks), but I love a good one piece too!

We’re ready to swim…, if only summer would get the memo!

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